On our website you will find honest reviews about reliable online casinos. In addition, you will find the best casino bonuses and the latest casino news.

Maneki casino

100% up to € 111,- + 33 free spins upon 1st deposit

Spinia casino

100% up to €100,- + 25 free spins upon 1st deposit

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Online casino tiger

On our website Onlinecasinotiger.com you will find extensive reviews about various online gambling sites . We test the casinos ourselves, and then write a review about the relevant online casino . In contrast to many other review websites, we do not let ourselves be influenced and / or paid by the online casinos. As a result, you will only find honest reviews that are useful to you.

When we test an online casino, we do this with real money, and we check on a number of important aspects such as security, casino bonuses, deposit and withdrawal options, customer service, game selection and a number of other things. If something is not right at the casino, or if things could be better, you will also read this in our reviews. This means you always have a fair picture of the casino in question.

casino bonusOnline casino bonuses

A big advantage of playing at an online casino is that you can use casino bonuses . Whether you are a new player or a loyal player who has been playing at the casino for a long time, you will be able to take advantage of various bonuses. We at OnlineCasinoTiger will keep you informed of all bonuses and promotions that the casino sites offer. We also test the different bonuses and look closely at the bonus conditions.

A casino bonus is nice, but nowadays we unfortunately see a lot of casino bonuses that seem to be very beautiful, but in reality are a lot less beautiful. Often the casino bonuses have many strings attached, making the bonus money almost impossible to collect. Of course you will not find these types of casino bonuses on our website. At our site you will only find casino bonuses with fair bonus conditions.

At a number of casino sites you as a player receive a no deposit bonus after creating an account, often in the form of free spins. With the free spins you can then play a number of different online video slots . This is an excellent way to discover a new online casino without it costing you money, and still have the chance to win!

We still advise our visitors to read the bonus terms and conditions before accepting a casino bonus. This way you always know in advance exactly where you stand, and you can read how you can easily clear the bonus. Of course you will also find a number of exclusive bonuses on our website, which only readers of OnlineCasinoTiger can benefit from!

Latest casino news

Safe gambling

When you choose to play at a casino site, you want everything to be safe. Depositing money safely and fast payouts are part of this. In addition, the casino must be in possession of the correct casino licenses and permits. On our website you will therefore only find online gambling sites that have everything in order. All casino sites are in possession of an MGA license, so you can be sure that the casino has been checked on the points below.

  • Is the casino strong and healthy enough to operate in the current online gambling market?
  • Does the casino have the right business strategy?
  • Does the casino meet the conditions necessary to comply with current laws and regulations?
  • Is the casino financially healthy and can it pay out players at all times?
  • Can the casino live up to what is prescribed at registration?

The benefits of playing at an online casino

Playing at an online casino has several advantages in contrast to playing at a regular casino. You will find below what these advantages are.

  • The payout percentages are a lot higher, so more chance of winning.
  • The range of games is considerably larger.
  • You can take advantage of many bonuses and promotions.
  • You can take a gamble 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can gamble anywhere you are by your mobile or tablet.
  • Take a gamble from your lazy chair, without having to pay for drinks and snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

🛡️ Is it safe to gamble at an online casino?

Yes, when you start playing at an online casino that we recommend, it is 100% safe. We thoroughly test all online casinos that we promote on many aspects including safety and reliability. You can read an extensive review about all the casinos that we promote so that you know exactly what to expect at the casino.

If you still want to play at another online casino, it is important that you do good research to see whether the casino is safe. Due to the enormous increase in online gambling, more and more online casinos are also entering the market. Not all of these casino sites are safe and reliable. This makes it very important that you first thoroughly research the relevant casino. A good indicator of whether the casino is safe is to look at the casino license. If the casino is licensed by the MGA, it will generally be safe and reliable. If you want to be 100% sure that you are playing at a reliable casino, choose a casino that we promote!

💰 Do I have to accept a casino bonus?

No, you are always free to choose whether or not to accept a casino bonus. At the casinos that we promote you can accept all bonuses with confidence. These all have fair bonus conditions, making the bonus easy to clear.

If you play at another casino that we promote, it is always wise to take a good look at the bonus conditions. Some casino bonuses have extremely high wagering conditions or have all sorts of snags. It is better not to use these kinds of bonuses.

🎲 Is it possible to gamble for free?

Yes, at all casino sites that we promote you can try almost all casino games for free. Often it is not even necessary to create an account, but you can immediately take a gamble without it costing you anything. Unfortunately, the live casino games cannot be played for free at any online casino.

At some online casinos it is possible to place a bet for free and still win real money. This is possible because a number of casinos on our website give away a no deposit after creating an account. A good example of this is the Turbo casino. Here you will receive 51 free spins after creating a player account, which can be bet on three different video slots. The money you win with the free spins is converted into bonus money. If you release the bonus money, it can be paid out to your bank account. This way it is possible to win real money without having to deposit 1 cent yourself!

🔥 Can you create multiple accounts at an online casino?

Yes that is possible. Should you do this? No absolutely not. It is in the rules at all online casinos that it is not allowed to create more than one account. If you do this anyway, it can have unpleasant consequences.

It is often possible to create multiple accounts. You enter a different e-mail address, you enter other personal data, and there is a good chance that you can create multiple accounts. But the moment you win a large amount and want to have this paid out to your bank account, your casino account will be validated. And when the casino finds out that you have created multiple accounts, you can whistle for your winnings, and your account will be closed.

That is why you should never create multiple accounts at an online casino. Players often do this because they want to enjoy a welcome bonus several times, for example. Are you also someone who wants to use a bonus more often? Then we recommend that you create an account at various online casinos. Because all casinos that we promote offer a welcome bonus. This way you can enjoy many bonuses, without the chance that your money will not be paid out and your account will be closed.