Can you play with multiple accounts at an online casino?

Can you play with multiple accounts at an online casino

The answer to this is no. It is not allowed to play with multiple accounts at an online casin . If you do this, you run the risk that your account will be closed, and any winnings achieved will not be paid out. Therefore, never create more than one account at an online casino!

Too often we see that players create multiple accounts in order to take advantage of the welcome bonus more often, for example. At many casinos you can create multiple accounts without many problems. But the moment you want to cash out winnings, it becomes a different story. The casino will verify your account when you request a withdrawal and then find out that you are playing with multiple accounts. And since this is not allowed at any online casino, the casino will take strict action against this.

Even if, for example, you played at an online casino years ago and you don’t remember the password, it is not wise to create a new account. Instead, it is best to contact customer service. When you provide some personal information, they will often be able to retrieve your old player account.

One account per IP address

When you read the fine print at an online casino, it will be indicated that you may only register one account per IP address. This can of course be difficult if you have several people in one household who want to place a bet at the same casino. Or if you live in a student flat, it is difficult to determine who is possibly creating a casino account at the casino where you also play. In this case, it is useful to contact the customer service of the casino you are playing at. When you play at a reliable online casino , and indicate this when you register, this will generally never be a problem. If you do not indicate this in advance, and the casino finds out later, this can cause problems.

Another thing you should never do is play through a VPN. A VPN gives you a different IP address every time you access the internet. If an online casino finds out that you are playing with a VPN, your account will be closed immediately.

Accidentally created multiple accounts, what now?

If it happens that you have accidentally created multiple accounts via the same IP address because, for example, your friend has also created an account at the same casino as where you play, it is advisable to report this to the casino . Contact Customer Service and explain the situation. It may be that the casino is overlooking and keeping both accounts open. It is also possible that one of the accounts is closed. We do recommend that you always record this when you discuss this by means of, for example, a screenshot. In this way, you will always have evidence to hand should problems arise in the future.

Only play at trusted casinos

Of course it is always advisable to play at a reliable online casino. But especially when you sometimes play via a different IP address, this is important. Unreliable casino sites will always do everything they can to avoid having to pay out credits. And when you sometimes play via a different IP address, this is of course the perfect reason for the unreliable casino not to pay you out. Do you want to immediately choose a safe and reliable online casino? Then you can choose a reliable casino via our casino review page!

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