Online blackjack

online blackjack
Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. The rules of online blackjack are not difficult to learn so anyone can play it. If you want to win real money playing blackjack, a blackjack strategy is a requirement. What is special about blackjack is that you as a player can directly influence the game. This is not possible with online roulette or playing online slots for example. On this page you can read everything about playing online blackjack.

The purpose of blackjack

A big misconception in blackjack is that you have to score 21 points. The purpose of blackjack is to beat the dealer. This is possible with more points than the bank achieves without exceeding 21 points. But you can also stop in time with a bad hand and let the bank buy itself to death. If you use a good blackjack strategy, the house edge is only 0.5%!

The value of the cards

Most blackjack variants are played with multiple decks. The cards always have the following values:

  • Cards 2 through 10 – represent their own value
  • The cards Jack, Queen and King – 10 points
  • Ace – worth 1 or 11 points

Start playing

Before the game starts, all players will have to place their bets. After the bet has been placed, the dealer will deal the cards. All players are deals 2 face up cards. The croupier will deal himself 1 face up card. If you immediately achieve 21 points with the 2 cards dealt, we speak of blackjack. You will then immediately be paid 2 to 3 your bet. If you have bet 10 euros, you will receive 25 euros. If you don’t have blackjack straight away, you can do 4 things depending on your cards:

  • Pass – You do this when you are satisfied with your hand and think you are going to win.
  • Hitting – Request an extra card. You can do this until you have achieved 21 points or more.
  • Double down – When you double, you place your bet again and you are dealt only 1 card. This is possible when you have 9, 10 or 11 points.
  • Split – If you have two equal cards, you can split. You will have to bet the original bet again. The hands are played separately from each other.

Note, when you split aces you will only be deals 1 card per hand. We do recommend that you always split aces because the chance that you will reach 21 points is high! If you split aces and get 21 points, this is not a blackjack and you will be paid the bet once.

To ensure

In blackjack, you always get the chance to take out insurance when the dealer is the first card to have an ace. You will then have to place an extra bet on the insurance line. The bet will always be the height of your original bet. Hit the bank blackjack and the insurance bet is paid out times 2. If the dealer does not hit a blackjack, you will lose this bet.

We recommend that you never take out insurance. This will always be disadvantageous in the long term.

Live blackjack

Playing live blackjack is the most fun way to play blackjack online. With everything gambling sites that we promote, it is possible to play blackjack with real live dealers. When you play live blackjack, this will go in exactly the same way as you are used to from the regular casino. The only difference is that you now place your bets via your computer, and you just sit at home.

blackjack strategyOur blackjack strategy

We recommend that you always use our blackjack strategy card when playing blackjack. Using a blackjack strategy is allowed, so you can also apply it in the regular casino. When you apply our blackjack strategy when playing online blackjack, the house edge will be reduced to about 0.5%. It is important that when you choose to use this blackjack strategy you really stick to it, and do not deviate from it!