Online slots

online slotsVisit an online casino and you will immediately notice that the vast majority of casino games consist of online video slots. Video slots are the most popular casino game, which is why you will find so many at the online casino sites. When you go to visits one of the gambling sites that we promote you can choose from hundreds of different video slots. Also, almost all online video slots can be tried out for free. The online slots are so popular because there are no difficult game rules or strategies involved, and the payout percentages are very high. In addition, video slots have fun features such as free spins, re-spins, wild symbols and bonus games that make playing online slots even more exciting.On this page you will find everything you need to know about playing video slots in the online casino.

The benefits of playing online slots

Where you used to have to go to the regular casino to play video slots, this is no longer necessary. Now you can play your favorite video slots at the best casino sites at any time of the day. Below we list the biggest advantages of playing video slots online.

  • Higher payout percentages – The online video slots have higher payout percentages than the video slots in the regular casino. Where the payout percentages in the regular casino are between 75 and 85%, this is a lot higher with the online video slots. Here the payout percentage is between 90 and 98%. This makes the chance that you win at the online slots a lot higher.
  • Larger offer – Visit an online casino and the range of video slots will be much larger than in the regular casino. Where you will encounter dozens of video slots in the regular casino, this is different in the online casino. Here you will find hundreds of different online video slots from the best game providers.
  • Play for free – In the online casino you can try almost all video slots for free. This way you can first discover the slot and see if you want to play it for real money. This is not possible in the regular casino. In addition, you can often play with lower betting limits in the online casino.
  • Casino bonuses – When you play video slots at an online casino you can almost always use casino bonuses. This way you can play video slots with a lot of extra bonus money. At some casinos it is possible to play video slots for free, but still win real money. This can be done by means of the no deposit bonus. You can read more about this on our casino bonus page.

Jackpot slots

Some video slots are connected to a jackpot. We also call this jackpot slots. Jackpot slots are extremely popular among casino players. This is because huge amounts can be won. The highest jackpot ever won on a video slot was on the Mega Moolah video slot from game provider Microgaming. A lucky player won a whopping $ 18.9 million on a single spin! Of course, the chance that you win such a big jackpot prize is small, but the chance is there!

We divide jackpot slots into two types, you have the local jackpot slots and the pooled jackpot slots. With a local jackpot slot, the jackpot is only linked to the players who play at the relevant casino. If you play on a pooled jackpot slot, the jackpot is linked across multiple online casinos. These jackpot slots have a higher jackpot amount. This is because of each player who places a bet, a small portion goes to the progressive jackpot. The more players play the jackpot slot, the faster it will add up.

Random Number Generator

All online slots use a Random Number Generator, also abbreviated as RNG. The Random Number Generator is a piece of software that ensures that all outcomes on the video slots are completely random. Online casinos, but also the players have absolutely no influence on this outcome. As a result, the gameplay on the online video slots will always be fair.