The advantages of playing online slots

The advantages of playing online video slots

Whether you visit a regular casino or an online casino, video slots are played the most at both. Video slots are extremely popular among many gamblers because they are easy to play and you can make big winnings on them. But did you know that you can play better online video slots than playing video slots in the regular casino. In this article we will tell you the benefits of playing online slots .

Online video slots pay out more

This is immediately the most important point. Video slots in a regular casino have payout percentages between 75% and 85%. At online casinos, these payout percentages are between 90% and 98%. This simply gives you a better chance of winning. And of course we all play to win a nice amount in the end!

A bigger selection

For example, visit the Holland casino and you will encounter dozens of video slots. Often there are still many of the same video slots. When you visit an online casino you will see that there are hundreds of different video slots to play. This makes the offer a lot more diverse and the chance is much greater that there are several slots that suit you.

Play anytime

When you choose to play online video slots, you no longer have to travel to the regular casino. You no longer have to take into account the opening hours of the casino, but you can go directly to the casino site and play your favorite video slots. You will also never have the problem that someone else is playing the slot who just wanted to play you. And nothing is more annoying to see someone else win a big prize on the video slot you wanted to play.

Play for free or with low betting limits

Another big advantage of playing online video slots is that you can try out almost all slots for free. This way you can first find out for free whether you like the video slot to play for real money and you can study the features without it costing you money. In addition, it is also possible to play with lower betting limits. For example, many online slots can be played from 10 cents per spin. The maximum amount you can bet on online slots is also often a lot higher. This makes it a lot more interesting for the High Rollers among us to play online slots.

You can play video slots with a bonus

Online it is possible to play the video slots with a casino bonus. This allows you to gamble with more money, allowing you to place higher bets or keep playing for longer. At many gambling sites that we promote on our website, you immediately receive a number of free spins after creating a player account. A good example of this is the Turbo casin . Here you get 51 free spins that can be wagered on three different video slots after creating an account.

You will also often receive a number of free spins from the online casino where you play when a new video slot is added to the range. This way you can try out the video slot without it costing you money, but with the chance that you win real money!


As you can read, there are only advantages to playing online video slots. If you want to start playing video slots immediately, you can do this at all online casinos that we promote. And all casinos offer hundreds of different slots, all offer you the opportunity to play for free, and if you want to play for money you can take advantage of an attractive casino bonus. So don’t wait any longer and take a quick look at one of the casino sites.

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